Get a walk-through consultation for new home buyers from Gold Wings Property Inspections

What is a walk-through consultation?

A walk-through consultation is ideal for homebuyer’s that choose to waive the initial full-scope inspection. During the consultation, we will walk through the interior and exterior of the home with the home buyer, discussing notable observations, concerns, and insights of readily available aspects of the home. This is a great opportunity for the home buyers to learn a great deal and ask questions about the major components of the home and how they all work together as a system. The walk-through consultation is limited in scope and DOES NOT SUBSTITUTE A FULL SCOPE HOME INSPECTION in that the inspector will not produce a formal report or any pictures for the home buyer’s use.

During the consultation, the home buyer is encouraged to take notes about identified issues/ concerns and fix-it items. The inspector’s only role is to identify and discuss issues and concerns of the home and its components with the home buyer, NOT to give recommendations on whether the home buyer should or should not attempt to put an offer on the home.

Walk-Through Consultation Details:

  • Approximately 30 Minutes – 1 Hour
  • Flashlight.
  • Due to the limited time and scope, the inspector will not bring the tools needed to conduct a formal inspection (Ladder, Screwdriver, Electrical testers, Laser Thermometer, etc.).
Items Covered:
  • We will cover as much of the property as possible but will be limited by the short allotment of time.
  • The consultation will be limited to a surface level inspection to locate any potential issues or major concerns with the foundation, HVAC system(s), electrical components, plumbing, siding, roof, structure, openings, grading, attachments, and chimney.
Items NOT Included:
  • Full scope inspection report with pictures.
  • Ongoing consultation about the home.
  • Exact age determination of components.
  • Attic entry, crawlspace entry, removal of electrical panels, roof walk.
  • Comprehensive inspection of components such as checking all doors, windows, receptacles, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, appliances, etc.
What To Expect:
  • Fast paced walk-through of the property.
  • Buyer to take notes and pictures throughout consultation.
  • Payment due at the conclusion of the walk-through.
  • Fun, interactive, and informative experience with a licensed inspector.
  • We highly encourage the buyer to get a full scope inspection upon moving in and a maintenance inspection once a year to identify any items and components that may necessitate further attention by a licensed contractor and/ or routine upkeep.
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